Adaptability: How does a small house feel big?

Modular Design

UrbanEden is designed to match the rhythms of urban living, maximizing customization and adaptability through a modular design. The house includes four basic modules - living room, kitchen, wet core (bathroom and mechanical room) and bedroom. Homeowners can upgrade each of these modules or add additional modules linearly.

Integration of Inside/Outside

UrbanEden increases living space with a series of connected indoor and outdoor rooms, thus allowing the home to be small but feel big. Thermally modified ash flooring and laminated bamboo paneling flow from the inside to the outside, integrating the two spaces across the transparent border of the southern glass wall.

Adaptable Furniture

Emphasis is on versatility and the wise and creative use of space - doing more with less.The furniture is reconfigurable. The dining room table, stored under the kitchen counter, can be expanded to seat 8 people for dinner.

The entertainment center opens to reveal a Murphy bed for overnight guests. Living room furniture can be moved outside to provide a sitting area for relaxing and watching TV.