Smart Technologies: How does a smart house make a smart homeowner?

Informed Energy Use

We believe that the more you know about your energy consumption, the more energy-efficient you will be. In fact, studies by the Electric Power Research Institute and Oxford University show that people who receive direct feedback on their power consumption reduce their electricity use by 5% to 15%.

UrbanEden features an interactive energy management system that measures and displays energy flows of the house, such as electricity consumption or the thermal energy located in the windows or walls, as well as the energy generated by the photovoltaic array. Occupants can monitor how their behavior impacts energy metrics and then may choose to moderate their energy use to improve the efficiency of the house.

Communication with Nature

The system also communicates with the outside, measuring conditions such as temperature and humidity and advising occupants on how to best use the home's technologies to respond to the weather and increase energy efficiency.