Urban Gardening: How can your house provide natural resources?

The spacious exterior rooms on the home’s south side are truly an Eden – a place where nature provides not only a peaceful setting, but the resources for healthy living, as well. 

Vertical Garden

UrbanEden features a lush and expansive green wall along the back of the outdoor living area. Each exterior "room" has a uniquely planted vertical garden panel. The living room garden panel has sweet-smelling florals to create an inviting space, while the kitchen panel features vegetables and herbs. Outside the bedroom, thick evergreen vegetation ensures privacy year-round.

Our vertical garden is created from a commercial green wall system called “Wallgarden,” made up of individual removable planters. An easy, do-it-yourself project, the Wallgarden system can be created in numerous sizes and configurations, from a full green wall to a small herb garden.

The vertical configuration uses an efficient, water-conserving drip irrigation system. Each planter box has holes in the bottom to allow water to drain from the top module all the way to the bottom, delivering the exact amount of water a plant needs directly to its root zones.

Rainwater Collection

Built-in "ponds" along the home's exterior serve as attractive rain barrels. The roof of UrbanEden slants inward to the center, collecting rainwater and directing it to the reflecting pools below. The rainwater can then be used to water plants in the vertical garden or inside and outside the home.